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New Book Reveals The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences Of Celebrities, Rock Stars, And The Rich And Famous

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June 09, 2015 – What do Shirley MacLaine, David Bowie, Jackie Gleason, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali  and William Shatner all have in common? The question is answered in the provocative new book Shirley MacLaine Meets The Pleiadians – The Amazing Flying Saucer Experiences Of Celebrities, Rock Stars And the Rich And Famous.

According to author Timothy Green Beckley, they all believe that we are not alone in the universe and that they have had some interaction with UFOs or the occupants of the craft themselves. A veteran tabloid freelancer, Beckley says that during interviews with  A-lister's he would often  ask if they held a belief in UFOs or had experienced anything “unusual” in their lives.  Many of those in the spotlight apparently said they had!

In fact, big screen macho-men and glamor girl hotties, rock stars, sports figures and world leaders are not all that unique it seems.  They are just like the rest of us – at least when it comes to UFOs – or so the author of this provocative new book steadfastly maintains.

Indeed, according to Beckley, they may be rich and famous, travel the globe, and have a bevy of Twitter “groupies,” but when it comes to having encountered “bogies from out of the blue” -- and sometimes even their humanoid occupants -- the A-lister's are positively NOT in a class by themselves. They stand alongside the millions of ordinary folks from every walk of life who know that UFOs MUST BE REAL . . . because they have seen them with their own eyes.

Though not officially approved or endorsed by the actress who was the only female member of the famous Rat Pack consisting  of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., the book presents an inside look at Shirley MacLaine's belief in past lives, her sightings of UFOs over her home in New Mexico, as well as in Peru, where she was introduced to a famous “UFO contactee” who persists in claims that he meet human-looking beings from the Pleiadian star system and had permission to take some remarkable  photos of their beam ships.

Shirley also is quoted about the night President Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy arrived at a celebrity laden  party all flustered and excited telling those present that they had been chased down a lonely California highway by a disc-shaped craft of unknown origins. Also related is the sighting made by Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich who was staying on Shirley's property when he encountered his only Unidentified Flying Object.

Also revealed in this book is a first person interview with the late Jackie Gleason who says he examined the bodies of the “little men” from the Roswell, NM UFO crash while in the presence of then President Richard Nixon – a golfing buddy – who took him to a deserted military base  to show him the alien corpses in the middle of the  night.

There is also the tantalizing account of William Shatners claim that a UFO saved his life when his motorbike collapse on top of him in the 105 degree heat of the California desert. Upon regaining consciousness he followed a silvery ship to a nearby mining road where he received the necessary medical attention.  There is also the psychedelic tale about the night a spaceship came down, and an angelic-looking ET saved the life of guitarist Jimi Hendrix. And how Muhammad Ali's limo was followed by a cigar-shaped UFO down the NJ Turnpike. Not to be outdone by David Bowie's involvement with witches, demonic possession and tales of a crashed UFO.

Also included in the book are the strange UFO experiences of Sammy Davis Jr., Soupy Sales, Ed Asner, Charo and Russell Crow, among many other sorted narratives of the unexplained.

This quality paperback is available at Amazon and the ebook is available on the Kindle web site. Or from the publisher www.ConspiracyJournal.com


Host of his own podcast Unraveling The Secrets on PSN-Radio and curator of Mr UFOs Secret Files channel on YouTube, Beckley has been investigating UFOs and the paranormal for half a century. He grew up in a haunted house. Had his first of three UFO sightings when he was ten. Traveled to England to speak before a UFO group organized by one of the members of the House of Lords. He has authored over 40 books and is the head of Inner Light – Global Communications with over 200 titles  under his publishing belt. He has appeared on William Shatner's Weird Or What? UFO Hunters, the Travel Channel’s Mysteries In The National Parks, and is a frequent guest on such shows as Coast to Coast AM. Interested parties may contact him directly for additional information at mrufo8@hotmail.com
Author Timothy Beckley appears on the History Channel discussing UFOs

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