Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Becoming an Expert in Social Psychology


The noted social psychologist Andy Luttrell is pleased to announce the recent release of his new website entitled Social Psych Online.

United States - June 24, 2015: Dedicated to the study of social psychology, the website Social Psych Online acts as a portal to Andy Luttrell's series of online psychology courses at Udemy. The online courses provide students with a quick and simple method of receiving professional instruction in a number of social psychology topics. Individuals will learn how to build social connections and receive a general introduction to social psychology. Course titles include Psychology of Attraction, Be a People Expert, and the most recent addition Price Psychology: Small Changes that Boost Sales. Each of Andy Luttrell’s courses feature professional video lectures and allow students to become well-versed in research concepts.

Social Psych Online began because I wanted to bring the research within social psychology to a wider audience.” said Andy Luttrell. “Social psychology is the study of human thought and behavior in a social context. The research we conduct has many important implications for marketing, personal development, and social change. It considers many topics from a scientific perspective.

Along with releasing a new social psychology course, Andy Luttrell has also developed a new blog on his website that he plans to update at least twice a week. By signing up for the email list on the website, individuals will receive a free social psychology course ebook entitled 5 Amazing Psychology Experiments. Visit Andy Luttrell’s website directly here in order to find out more information about his courses and blog.



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