Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pumpic Shares Entrepreneurial Skills for Kids in Educative Infographic

Pumpic, the developer of a mobile monitoring app for child protection and parental control, has introduced a new educational infographic allowing parents to teach their kids entrepreneurial skills, develop leadership, creativity, and self-confidence.

Making child safety its top priority, Pumpic provides parents with reliable monitoring solutions to protect kids on the Internet, on smartphones, and on tablets. Also, the company supports educational activities teaching parents how to detect possible risks and avoid potential online dangers. 

Designing the infographic, the Pumpic team was inspired by a new wave of business activity taking place in the United States. According to the Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, the rate of new entrepreneurs in the U.S. has increased by about 10% in 2015 compared to 2014 and continues to grow, with about 530,000 new businesses started each month. Teaching kids entrepreneurial skills today, parents can help them become the leaders and geniuses of tomorrow.

The global goal of the company is to create a secure environment for children, allowing them to utilize the Internet and mobile devices safely. Today Pumpic moves even further, contributing to kids’ development as individuals.

“8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids” shows parents how they can develop positive abilities in their little ones. By following some easy steps they can help their kids to become creative, confident, curious, and smart. The new infographic teaches children to take all the best from the world around them and use it to produce even more and better quality. 

“We can see a great increase in founding startups over the last few years. Students of yesterday become successful businessmen today, creating useful products thanks to their intelligence and proactive self-motivation. Careful parents who choose mobile monitoring and consider child protection on smartphones don’t want their kids to clutter their minds with trivialities. They try to provide their children with useful activities that will help them in future. We at Pumpic are sure that if parents want their tweens to become the next Marc Zuckerberg or Elizabeth Holmes, they will find a great deal of helpful advice in our new infographic on entrepreneurial skills,” says Alex Stevenson, Pumpic’s PR Manager.

The new infographic by Pumpic has already hit the spotlights in the media; it was shared by many reliable sources such as,, Silicon Republic, and Career Enlightenment.

To find the “8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids” infographic please follow the link

About Pumpic

Pumpic is a group of enthusiastic IT specialists formed in 2012. Its leading product is a parental control mobile application, which provides parents the ability to monitor and control kids’ devices, and thus, protect them. Pumpic secures your children by allowing you to monitor their calls and text messages, tracking location and geo-fences, controlling online activities and applications. The company offers comprehensive customer support and has an extensive network of international online partners.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ViatuSalud - Spanish Database for Health and Wellness Now Open!

Announcing the grand opening of the latest and most comprehensive resource in the Health and Wellness industry for the Spanish speaking world - ViatuSalud!

This website was designed to give comprehensive information about any and all health related subjects, and deliver it to countries without prior access to quality information, such as Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Chile, and many more.

It was built by top website developers and health executives in the United States, in response to the growing Spanish speaking market, and demand for quality information.

The website focuses on providing information in the following areas:

Fitness and Weight Loss

One of the most in-demand markets in the world is the Health and Weight Loss field. With the world obesity epidemic getting worse and worse, now is the time more than ever to have quality information delivered to people regarding how to lose weight safely and effectively.

ViatuSalud has dozens of articles that explore various areas of exercise, diet and overall health, to enable people to get back into a healthy weight category.

Medical Conditions

ViatuSalud has also established an extensive section dealing with many of the different medical ailments and conditions out there, for people to get confidential information on treatment without having to face the embarrassment of going to the doctor’s office for treatment.

From conditions like hemorrhoids, cellulite, arthritis, diabetes and more, ViatuSalud’s new health condition section can help many people find relief from the various ailments and conditions they are facing.


Lastly, the new ViatuSalud database covers an extensive number of beauty and cosmetic applications, so individuals no longer have to resort to expensive cosmetics to achieve the look they are hoping for.

If you would like to learn more about ViatuSalud, or would like to explore the newly launched information database, please visit the website at

Media Contact Information
If you would like to contact ViatuSalud, you can either email Carlos Esteban at, or via the contact form on their website.