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Composer Stefano Tomaselli's Award-Winning Work, Scenes from "Song of the Land" to be Presented at the HARC Foundation 25th Anniversary Celebration Event

Los Angeles - 2014 HARC Award Recipient Composer Stefano Tomaselli’s Scenes From “Song of the Land” Music Composition will be presented by The HARC Foundation on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 2:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church Santa Monica located at 1220 Second Street in Santa Monica, CA 90401. Parking is available in Santa Monica City Parking Structure No. 2 on Second Street, directly across the street from the First Presbyterian Church.

Presentation of Scenes From “Song of the Land” by Tomaselli will be the Featured Program at The HARC Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Red Carpet Opening Event, A Concert Performance & Gala Reception Honoring 25 years of HARC’s Award-Winning Creative Artists. The Concert will be performed by a Piano Quintet featuring Lorand Lokuszta, Violin; Hana Kim, Violin; Yi Zhou, Viola; Xiao-Dan Zheng, Cello; Alan Steinberger, Piano; with Special Appearance by Monique Donnelly, Soprano. It will be followed by a Gala Reception to celebrate The HARC Foundation’s 25th Anniversary, the presentation of Composer Stefano Tomaselli and his Award-Winning Music and the release of his new recording.

Admission to the Concert is Free – Open to the General Public. The Gala Reception is open to RSVP Invited Guests only. For information about attending the Gala Reception, please email

Stefano Tomaselli is an Italian composer based in Los Angeles. He started his music career at the age of nine, when he began studying Piano with Professor Antonio Ranalli, student of Ferruccio Busoni. His journey as a student culminated with a Master’s Degree in Composition under the guidance of Maestro Alessandro Cusatelli. He also studied Organ with Professor Biondi, Violin with Professor Alessandra Albo and Drums and Percussion with Professor Messina.

Since he relocated to the US with the assistance of Academy Award-Winning Composer Bill Conti, he has been collaborating on several projects with world-renowned Tenor Plácido Domingo. His collaboration with the Maestro brought him to the attention of the Butler Opera Center in Austin (Texas) who commissioned him to compose an Opera.

Tomaselli also writes music for the silver screen. He scored “Boy in the Void”, directed by Miroslav Macala (2012); “L’Homme Sans Musique”, directed by Stefano Arduino (2013); “Amalia”, directed by Biagio Fersini (“Best Original Score” at the “Sonora Soundtrack Film Festival”, 2014); “Road To Juarez”, directed by David De Leon (2015); and, he is currently scoring “Lyudmila”, directed by Biagio Fersini.

In addition to creating music, Stefano is also an avid formula race car driver. He has participated in race events across Europe. For more information about Stefano, see

The HARC Foundation (Help Artists & Rehabilitate Children) is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1990 with the dual purpose to discover, encourage, support, promote and present emerging – mid-career creative artists from all art disciplines and to use the creative arts as a therapeutic science in the rehabilitation of abused and neglected children. HARC is publicly supported, funded by individuals, corporate donations and family foundation grants. Through The HARC Awards, HARC holds national Creative Arts competitions in Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Literature and grants cash awards and publicity and presentation opportunities to the winning creative artists. Through The CAT Awards, HARC grants Creative Arts Therapy cash awards to creative artists who wish to become licensed Music, Dance or Clinical Art Therapists and commit to working with abused and neglected children upon receipt of license.

The HARC Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Red Carpet Event is being sponsored in part by Spot Welders, Venice, CA; Harold Davidson & Associates, Inc., Investment Counselors, Los Angeles, CA; Protégé Media Group, Los Angeles, CA; Pathway Graphics, Santa Monica, CA;, Marina del Rey & Calistoga, CA; K-Mozart 1260AM Classical Music, Los Angeles, CA; Buena Vista Winery, Sonoma, CA; Nadine Davidson /TravelStore, Los Angeles, CA; Superfast Printing & Binding, Santa Monica, CA; Kathy Jo, Santa Monica, CA;, Los Angeles, CA; and several other individual and corporate sponsors.

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KrukedSharkkTeeth Releases an Appreciation Album on iTunes


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Thursday, May 7, 2015

“Roughly Speaking: Voices From The Soup Kitchen” Tells Stories of Homeless People


Top-Tier Play Will Use Material Obtained From Service Interviews With Homeless

New York, New York: May 7, 2015 – “Roughly Speaking: Voices From The Soup Kitchen,” is a forthcoming investigative theater piece which captures the many hues and layers of the life of those who’ve fallen into homelessness.

The Platform Group, an Off-Broadway Theater Company with calls to action embedded in their numerous high caliber productions, are using their wealth of production experience to create this awareness-raising and insightful play which will creatively depict the varied experiences of the homeless. The truth-telling performances were culled from actual homeless individuals who entrusted their stories into the hands of playwright volunteers during feeding mission encounters. In more ways than one, working in the soup kitchen gave these select volunteers a depth of perspective. Through the platform of service-related engagement, material for this performance emerged.

The volunteers gathered data from their shared encounters at St. Francis Xavier Mission’s Welcome Table, which serves between 900-1600 hot meals weekly.

There is a raw and poignant truth about the homeless. They each have a story detailing how they got where they are. A change of fortune may have landed them in this situation.

There are stories within stories. In New York City alone, records reveal that 60,000 people are homeless on a daily basis. In this populous city, as well as other points on the globe, the homeless often become invisible to some, an inconvenient reality to others and a source of embarrassment to others still.

To view more details about the professional talent behind this project, visit

The success of this campaign will allow this project to develop to its fullest potential. The productions will be used to elevate the awareness about homelessness and provide opportunities for a broad swath of the population to participate in combating homelessness.


In support of its Crowdfunding campaign The Platform Group is committed to:
  • Paying for Publicity and Materials
  • Securing the Location and Rehearsal Venue
  • Compensating a Wide Array of Professional Talent
  • Obtaining Stage Material
  • Paying for Transportation and Insurance
  • Paying for Costumes and Dry Cleaning
  • Hosting Special Events Related to the Production
  • Providing all promised perks to reward supporters of the campaign

The Kickstarter campaign’s initial goal of $21,000 activates May 11, 2015 and runs through June 11, 2015 at 12:00noon Eastern Standard Time. Full details about the Kickstarter campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can be found at: #KickstartPlatform

Media Contact: Producer Shara Ashley Zeiger | Email

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Aquasense Panama Commences Site Preparation for First Open-Ocean Farmed Tilapia

May 6, 2015 - PANAMA CITY, Panama -- Open-ocean tilapia producer Aquasense Panama, S. de R.L., an affiliate of the U.S. holding company Aquasense International Corp., has begun site preparation at its Gulf of Panamá ocean site in the Republic of Panamá, where the company plans to develop the seafood industry’s first-ever open-ocean project for farm-raised saltwater tilapia products for the USA market.

“Our project has been gaining traction since we announced it last year and, thanks to additional seed funding, pre-ops can start,” said James F. Reilly, president and CEO of Aquasense. According to Sjef van Eijs, chief operating officer of Aquasense, “We are excited about getting in the water for site preparation and we expect to do this work on time and on budget.”

In March, the company signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Miami-based Gamma Seafood Corporation, a division of the Alfa Gamma Group, to market and distribute products resulting from this innovative project.

Aquasense Panama is an early-stage aquaculture company with the mission of contributing to meeting the rising food needs of a growing world population in a sustainable manner. “We have developed a non-traditional farming method for tilapia based on our preliminary research,” said Reilly. “That research showed that, when tilapia are reared in the full salinity of the open ocean and given nutritious food, the result is a much-improved fish product in terms of both taste and texture. In 2007, we set out to change the paradigm of fish farming by bringing our operations to the pristine waters surrounding Panama.”

The project responds to predictions about world population growth and demands for seafood. “We see this project as a sustainable solution to a global problem,” said Reilly. “The U.S. Census Bureau is projecting that the global population will explode to 8 billion by the year 2020. The U.N. is projecting that the world will need an additional 40 million tons of seafood by the year 2030. With commercial fishing fleets unable to meet the growing demand, the only viable solution is aquaculture. Our mission is to contribute to meeting the rising food needs of a growing world population in a sustainable manner. We are very excited about taking the next step in bringing this important process to fruition.”

For more information about Aquasense and its projects, go to

Media Contact:
James F. Reilly
+1 646-770-1954 x101

Aquasense Panama Commences Site Preparation for First Open-Ocean Farmed Tilapia