Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Excel as a Lawyer with Trevor Codington

According to Trevor Codington, becoming a great lawyer begins in law school. It is there that you develop your perspective and expertise in the field and frame the outlook you’ll have for practicing law in your career. It may be easy to take the classes and pass the tests; however, Trevor Codington says it is only through fully committing the knowledge to your memory and continually learning the way law changes that you will be able to succeed as a lawyer.

There are a few specific steps that Trevor Codington suggests following in order to excel as an attorney. One of those steps is being self-aware. It is not uncommon to see a lawyer turn to a colleague for help with a case in order to provide the best service possible to the client. Trevor Codington believes that you must be aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses to get ahead in anything, especially in court when there are others specifically attacking your shortcomings in order to get the upper hand.

Another step Trevor Codington suggests abiding by is keeping an open mind and listening to judges as well as those in higher offices of court or with more experience. These people have acquired a lot of hands-on skill and knowledge and are most likely willing to share if you’re willing to listen. However, if you don’t show them the respect they’ve earned, Trevor Codington says you may never even get the chance to gain that same respect.

One of the most vital steps in succeeding as a lawyer, according to Trevor Codington, is giving the benefit of the doubt to your clients and standing by them. He understands this may be hard to do at times when certain clients come along; however, it is your job to help them come out on top. Trevor Codington firmly states that any ounce of doubt that manages to come across in the courtroom will be seen by the opposition and will have extreme repercussions on the way the rest of the trial plays out. Believe in your client and support them the best you know how.

Trevor Codington also encourages paying special attention to the manner in which you interrogate minors and those victims of severe crimes. The courtroom is a sensitive environment in which respect and honesty prove the most valuable qualities. As professionals, lawyers must maintain these attributes.


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