Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Amina Brings Giraff-oovy Babe to Life for Colchester Zoo

A very groovy giraffe is sure to evoke memories of the Swinging Sixties when he is displayed as part of Colchester Zoo’s 50th birthday celebrations this summer.

Local professional visual artist Valerie Osment has created Giraff-oovy Baby as part of the Stand Tall for Giraffes project, which will see thirty 2.5m sculptures dotted around Colchester for 12 weeks from June 2. She said “As a local artist, I was thrilled to have my design selected to mark the 50th birthday of Colchester Zoo. I wanted quite a humorous concept for my giraffe and it seemed very fitting to play on the zoo’s 1960s roots. I hope he raises a smile when people spot him out and about.  He is the only one located in Chelmsford this summer.”

Each of the giraffes has been sponsored by a local business, with the Giraff-oovy Baby design chosen by home entertainment specialists Clarke Infinity from over 100 submissions.

Director, Simon Clarke said: “As audio and visual specialists and installers we wanted our sculpture to capture a film or character that had obvious catchphrases so that we could add the element of sound to help our giraffe shake it baby at the parade! This giraffe is straight out of the flower-power era with its psychedelic swirling rainbow patterns, stylistic flowers, Austin Powers-style glasses and ruffed lace cravat. He is the perfect guest for Colchester Zoo’s birthday celebrations.”

Amina Technologies specialize in invisible speakers and unseen audio lifestyle solutions.  They have previously worked closely with Clarke Infinity on a number of projects and have agreed to provide the speakers, sensors and relevant equipment required for the project.

Managing Director, Richard Newlove of Amina Technologies said, “Well, we’ve been asked many things but how to make a giraffe sound like Austin Powers is a new one on us!  We are looking forward to making this happen. The idea is that as you approach Giraff-oovy Baby he will play music or say something to brighten your day. We’ll be able to say officially that we can provide invisible sound solutions in any and every walk of life – including giraffes.”

After being on show for 12 weeks, all of the giraffes will be auctioned off to raise money for the zoo’s charity Action for the Wild.

Colchester Zoo Director Anthony Tropeano said: “Giraff-oovy Baby is a really fun addition to the Stand Tall for Giraffes project and we can’t wait to see him striking a pose from June 2.   When we take him to More London for display after the campaign before they are auctioned for charity, I’m sure a great photograph of him with a Tower Bridge backdrop will be another talking point of this project!  

For more information about Stand Tall for Giraffes, visit www.colchester-zoo.com/standtall.

Also, contact Amina Technologies on:
Amina Technologies Ltd. Cirrus House, Glebe Road Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 7DL + 44(0)1480 354390

Editors Information:

Amina Technologies Ltd is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of truly invisible loudspeaker solutions.  Dedicating itself for over 12 years to developing vibrating soundboard audio technology, our products are specified by top designers and architects worldwide for use in prestigious family homes, amazing apartments and state palaces through to the very best hotels and spa complexes.
Amina loudspeakers are normally installed below a final skim coat of finishing plaster, drywall compound or mud, but they can also be successfully installed using lime plaster, wood panelling and other surface materials.  Walls and ceilings are then painted or wallpapered to taste.

We advise the use of a professional to install our product. A trained Audio installer knows just what to look out for in installing and integrating Amina product with existing electronics or a new entertainment system.
To understand what the professional will do when installing Amina product in to a wall or ceiling it might be helpful to visit our home page www.amina.co.uk and click the play button to see our video installation overview.

Contact Details Babs Moore Director, Babs@amina.co.uk, 01480 354390.

For more information about Stand Tall for Giraffes, visit www.colchester-zoo.com/standtall.

For more information about Clarke Infinity contact Simon Clarke http://www.clarkeinfinity.com/

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